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 Our chosen charity for 2016-2017 is WWF

What is WWF?



WWF - the world's leading independent conservation organisation


On 29 April 1961, in the small town of Morges in Switzerland, a group of eminent people made a commitment to the natural world. They called for urgent worldwide action to stop vast numbers of wild animals being hunted out of existence and habitats destroyed.

The 'Morges Manifesto' became the blueprint for the first global green organisation – the World Wildlife Fund (now called simply WWF). The far-sighted founders included the respected biologist Julian Huxley and renowned ornithologist and painter Peter Scott, who also designed the original and now world-famous WWF panda logo. Others signatories came from Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland and the US.

The organisation's international secretariat was established in Switzerland in September, and national WWF offices were gradually set up across the world, starting with the UK in November 1961.

By the end of the 1970s, the focus of WWF's work had broadened to encompass not only the conservation of wildlife and habitats, but also the wider implications of man's activities on the environment.

In 1980 WWF's World Conservation Strategy warned that humanity had no future unless nature and the world's natural resources were conserved. It also introduced the concept of sustainable development - living within the limits of the natural environment without compromising the needs of future generations - which has been central to WWF's thinking ever since. (Source: