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Welcome to Southborough Primary School

Southborough is a place where we all know and care for each other.

We are committed to providing a high quality education for all with access to a wide variety of activities in and out of school time.

We provide high quality learning and teaching.

To constantly develop and improve achievement and attainment for all; we develop our teaching using new research about how and why children learn.

We work in partnership with the parents and the children.

We listen to all members of the community and we share what we are doing and why. Our door is always open. We all move forward together.

We are an inclusive school.

We ensure all children have equal access to our school curriculum and activities so that all learners achieve and all learners attain.

We provide equal opportunites for all whatever their gender, race, religion or abilities.

We promote all forms of equity and equality, fairness and equal opportunities within our school community  and outside of it.

We have a CAN DO attitude.

Children are learning because they are happy and are happy because they are learning.

We know that a child's potential is not fixed but is ever changing and developing.

We are committed to all children achieving their potential and beyond.

Every Child a Star

Patrick Foley, Head Teacher




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