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18 January 2021

Happy Birthday to Martin Luther King

This is the video of Stevie Wonder singing the song


And this is a video about Martin Luther King's live


You can find lots more information about Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement online.

15 January 2021

Stars of the Week

11 January 2021

New Years Resolution and Stars of the Week.

17 December 2020

Happy Christmas, Bringing light into darkness

Celebration Asssembly 14 December 2020

Happy Chanukah and well done to our Stars of the Week

7 December 2020 Celebration Assembly

Thank you for following our Golden Rules and well done to all the Stars of the Week.

Dream Snow By Eric Carle

Advent Calendar Story

St Andrew's Day

Happy St Andrew's Day

For more information see: 

Celebration Assembly 27 November 2020

Well done to all the Stars of the Week!!!

Asssembly 23rd November

Advent The Neverending Story by Michael Ende and The Snow Goose By Paul Gallico

Celebration Assembly 20 November 2020

Congratulations to Stars of The Week, Postie competition winners and anti-bullying poster winners, too.


13 November 2020

Happy Diwali

6 November 2020

Congratulations to all the Stars of the Week, and well done to everyone who won a house point.
Thank you for working hard, being safe, being happy, learning and keeping our community safe.

2 November 2020

Welcome back and thinking about Bonfire Night.

16 October 2020 Celebration Assembly

Congratulations to the Stars of The Week and a silver badge too!!!

12 October 2020 Assembly

Thinking about Black History Month and celebrating Black British Voices.
The Bristol Bus Boycott

Here is some more information about Roy Hackett from the BBC.  

Celebration Assembly 9 October 2020

Congratulations to everyone who was Star of the Week this week. And a big thank you to everyone who got a house point, thank you for following our Golden Rules.

5 October 2020

Life Doesn't Frighten Me by Maya Angelou.

We are celebrating Black History month by sharing a poem by Maya Angelou

This is a link to Maya reading her own poem , with illustrations by Basquiat. 

Celebration Assembly: 2 October 2020

Well done to the Starts of the week and the winning house.
We also celebrate National Poetry Day and the start of Black History Month by reading some Langston Hughes poetry.

Mother to Son by Langston Hughes - Narration by Viola Davis can be found here:


Who is Langston Hughes, can be found here: 


The Big Antibullying Assembly 2020

We hope all the children enjoyed watching The Big Antibullying Assembly earlier this week.

Please see below some leaflets and handy tips to support your child if they are feeling unhappy at school.

Here We Are - Campion Class


Campion Class assembly about the book we have all been studying, Here We Are,  can be found here:


Enjoy the Assembly, it is brilliant.


Celebration Assembly 25/9/20

Congratulations to the Stars of The Week

21 September 2020

This weeks assembly is about Rosh HaShanah

18 September 2020

Welcome to our celebration assembly.

14 September 2020

Our Golden Rules

11 September 2020

Welcome to our celebration assembly.