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Every Child a Star

Charity Fundraising

 Our chosen charity for 2017-18 is Harambee for Kenya

What is Harambee for Kenya?

Harambee is Swahili for “all pull together”. We would like you to join us, pulling together, to help the street children of Kenya. Thousands of children live on the streets after being orphaned by diseases like AIDS or because their parents are abusive or unaxvble to care for them. Street children are vulnerable. They have no identity and often have to scavenge through rubbish tips for food. Since 1998, the founders of Harambee for Kenya have worked closely with Kenyan adults, many of whom are themselves struggling to support their own families, who have been supporting these young people. We provide safe houses in areas where young people are homeless. We ensure that each project has the right support before moving on to the next. 


 Since 1998, the founders of this charity have worked closely with Kenyan adults who have been supporting these young people in caring for their needs. This is not easy as many of the adults are living on the bread line themselves and have their own families to support.


We now have two safe houses. One in Kisii and one in Meru. We will ensure that each project is working well, with the right support, before moving on to others. These young people have been let down by adults all too often. Harambee for Kenya is not prepared to do them the same injustice.