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Different Activities

Different activities

Thank you to all parents for ensuring that their children are completing the homework tasks. After receiving feedback, I understand that some children have been completing their tasks quickly and have then had nothing to do for the rest of the day. Below is a list of different activities your children could do to keep them engaged:

Create your own postcard 

Make a poster or packaging advertising your food ‚Äč

Write a story

Keep a diary of what you have been doing during lockdown


Make a model of a skeleton

Create a healthy recipe

Grow a plant and keep a growth diary

Geography / History:

Make a PowerPoint or fact file, researching a city
Make a model of a London landmark or another city

Research famous buildings in the UK and create an information book about them


Research a religion of your choice
Make a temporary picture in the garden using sticks and leaves

Make your own puzzle

Draw a family member using the right proportions

Social / Exercise:

Play a board game or make a board game with a sibling or member of family

Have a race with a sibling or member of family

Create your own workout

You may want to try something new during this time, such as yoga, meditation or knitting!


Many children benefit from having a daily routine. It may be helpful for your child to create their own daily timetable to keep them on task and focused.

BYMT Music Lessons. These will be provided weekly and are focused on the progression of general musical skills.

Copy and paste link into browser and select the year group.



Copy and paste the link to watch daily videos and complete worksheets (answer sheets included) to challenge your child in maths!


Government online education resources:


Launch of BBC Bitesize:

The BBC has launched an education package across TV and online, featuring celebrities and teachers, helping to keep children learning at home and supporting parents.


Launch of the Oak National Academy online classroom and resource hub:

The sector-led Oak National Academy has today launched its online classroom and resource hub.


Message from 'Bromley Schools Team':

We hope you are all well and managing to stay safe during the current closures. We are writing to ask you, if your students have made any pictures, letters or kind messages, (or would like to make them), for the NHS, emergency services and other keyworkers. We are offering to facilitate collection and delivery to the correct places, so the members of staff can put them up on their walls and notice boards, as a gesture of your thanks and gratitude. We know that during these tough times, these pictures and letters are extremely encouraging to the staff members on their long and tiring shifts, and are sure they would be very gratefully received. They can be emailed to me directly on: