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Southborough Primary School
Every Child a Star


Can you tell us the schools that children go to when they leave Southborough in Year 6?


We are very lucky to live in Bromley where most of the secondary schools are non-selective because of this the vast majority of our children do not sit selective tests and attend the excellent local comprehensive schools. The process for applying to and getting a place in secondary schools is similar to that of applying for and getting a place in a primary school. The primary school your child attends, in general, does not affect the secondary schools that you can apply for and attend.


Most years around ten children have sat selective tests for Bexley, Kent or the two super selective schools in Bromley, around one sixth of our cohort. Of this group 6 children last year went to selective schools in Bromley or elsewhere and in the year before 6 children also went on to selective schools. We have been comparatively successful in children reaching the required standard in these tests. In general most of the children who sit the tests gain the required mark. Many of these children choose to attend one of the local Bromley schools rather than the selective schools, further away, for various reasons. It would be misleading to state a proportion of children who attend selective schools for these reasons.


We are committed to make sure that all children who attend Southborough Primary School are well equipped to be successful in their future careers in education. Ofsted has acknowledged, on more than on occasion, that we are very successful in doing this.


Can you please provide the details on what extracurricular activities are available at the school?


We have a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities available, in more normal times. We have our Galaxy after school and breakfast club that provides childcare. We also offer a wide range of other opportunities, provided by the school or by outside agencies working with the school. These have included sports such as rugby and tennis, dance, drama, music, Lego, maths enrichment, art and many other excellent enriching opportunities. Our last two Ofsted reports have noted how rich our curriculum offer is and how much there is to offer across the curriculum. We have also been successful in reaching very high standards in some of these activities, winning regional and local competitions in sports, athletics, music and in the maths Olympiad.

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