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Southborough Primary School
Every Child a Star

Frequently asked questions

Will you be contacting my child's pre-school/ nursery?

We will be talking to pre-school and nursery settings, as we always do, to find out where your child is in their learning. We will be contacting them via phone and email. Nursery settings and pre-school will provide the school with a written report at the end of the summer term. We will also be talking to you directly to find out about your child's preferences; things they particularly enjoy, find difficult etc. Mrs Malhotra, our Head of Early Years, will be phone all parents over the next few weeks. 


Which class will my child be in? 

Southborough is a two-form entry school. Your child will be in either Hop or Bramble Class. Children will find out what class they are in, in July. 


Will the children have a settling timetable in September?

The children will have a settling in period before they start doing full days. Unfortunately we cannot be specific with the dates but we will support children with a phased start to school. They will come in for mornings at first, followed by mornings and staying for lunch before they attend for a full day. Every child is unique, some may settle quickly and some may need extra support. That is what we are here for and we will work with every family to ensure that your child has a positive start to school. 


Do children in Reception have a free school meal?

Yes, children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and entitled to a universal infant free school meal. Our school dinners are cooked on site by Chartwells. 


How do I order uniform for my child?

Please take a look at the following link for more information.