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Every Child a Star

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'Teaching isn't just about learning the curriculum – it's about life skills'

Developing characteristics, values and habits that last a lifetime!

How Do You Develop The Essential Skills For Learning And Life?

Learning & Life Skills is a research-based approach designed for schools to ensure that every pupil develops the essential skills for learning and life. It intentionally and systematically develops pupils’ personal learning and life skills (PSHE) alongside subject learning and thus also supports ‘readiness’ for the next stage in their education.

Learning & Life Skills promote pupils’ ability to learn independently, which results in increased motivation, raised standards and accelerated progress.

What Are The Learning & Life Skills?

  • Learning Together

  • It’s Up to Me

  • Becoming Better Learners

  • Knowing Me, Knowing You

  • Think, Think, Think!

  • Speaking & Listening

  • How Do I?