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Home Learning

Please see below Year 1's home learning ideas. Your children all have log ons for Active Learn. We have updated the books on there for you to read at your own leisure. We will also be updating some of the games on there also.


There is no expectation to put any of this work on Tapestry. We will update this page when necessary. 

Thank you for your continued support. :o)


The DfE have funded some online Letters and Sounds phonics lessons for home learning which you may be interested in. These are daily lessons with the Year 1 lesson at 10.30am. There is also a ‘Learning to Blend’ lesson at 11.00am for children who need more practise blending words. You can find the lessons as well as an introductory video on the link below:


Miss Wimshurst and Mrs Fitzgerald :o)


As mentioned before we were looking at being able to use spelling shed in Year 1. This is used in all year groups across the school except Reception. 

The Spelling Shed helps children to practise spelling via a simple game. The game gives four different degrees of support in the form of difficulty modes; Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme. Higher levels allow a higher score to be achieved but children can practise as much as they like on lower levels before trying to gain high scores. The scores achieved give a league position and each class has its own league position within a school league and our world league. Your child’s teacher will set lists of words that your child should practise and will monitor their progress.

We have managed to sort out log ins for all children in Year 1. These will be sent out individually. You can access spelling shed through a PC on the following website or by downloading the app. If there are any issues with the log ons or you haven't received your log in details, please email us.


Please bear with us with this. This is as new to us as it is the children. :o)


Thank you


Miss Wimshurst and Mrs Fitzgerald


Over half term we would like you to be scientists! 

As a good scientist Darwin spent much of his time searching out and looking closely at plants and other living things. 
We would like the you to be ‘Lookouts’ – looking out for a number of plants in your local environment and then examining them carefully to see if you can recognise the plant parts. We want you to see the variety within plants and look closely and notice things which are the same and different. See the class page for more details and resources to help you.

You cannot be a good scientist without trying out some experiments! Below you will find some experiments to try.

These are just ideas and you do not need to do all the experiments. You might find there are some you want to try and some you don’t. 

Have a great half term. Myself and Mrs Fitzgerald would love to see what you get up to and how you get on with the experiments.

Keep smiling :o)

Miss Wimshurst




Science Experiments

Science Experiments 1
Science Experiments 2
Science Experiments 3
Science Experiments 4
Science Experiments 5
Science Experiments 6
Science Experiments 7
Science Experiments 8
Science Experiments 9
Science Experiments 10
Science Experiments 11
Science Experiments 12
Science Experiments 13
Science Experiments 14
Science Experiments 15
Science Experiments 16
Science Experiments 17
Science Experiments 18
Science Experiments 19
Science Experiments 20
Science Experiments 21
Science Experiments 22
Science Experiments 23
Science Experiments 24
Science Experiments 25
Science Experiments 26
Science Experiments 27

Aquarium by Saint-Saens

This is taken from Carnival of the Animals.



Hello Year 1!


I am just writing to invite you to challenge yourself to learn the Song of the Week with us each week.


A new song to learn will be posted each week on the Year 6 class pages.  The first song is already up there for you.  Remember to check the Year 6 pages out each week for the new song!


Happy singing!


Mrs Haka

Picture 1
Picture 1

Websites who are offering free subscriptions at the moment

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