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Southborough Primary School
Every Child a Star







Blog about your day at Bromley High School. What did you do? What events did you see? Describe in detail what went on in a recount using past tense.


Optional extra homework :)

Want to know more about rivers? Research your group names by looking for information online or in the library!








Consider - location, size, history (i.e. have they changed over time?)

Blog your findings so that everyone can learn about rivers around the world!



Perimeter Detectives

Area: Squares and Rectangles


Both games are on mathletics.


Optional: Consider how you would calculate the area and perimeter of different shapes at home, e.g. garden, bathroom, kitchen, driveway. Be prepared to discuss this in class next week.





Children will be completing a competition to draw a willow tree so that we can design our new logo at Southborough.




Assigned activity on 'Robot Revenge'.



Children will complete a spelling activity in their homework books. They will also need access to a dictionary for this task.

Reading every day for at least 15 minutes. This must be recorded in their reading records. Remember, Bug Club counts as reading!



Elapsed Time activity on 


Spelling List for Year 5


Happy Hunting!

Visit your local library or check if you have any books at home that will be useful in your Non-Chronological Report for next week.

Look through any other sources of information that are not based around the internet. These could include: Television, books, magazines (National Geographic is a good example of an educational magazine), radio, newspapers, leaflets, brochures etc.

Make a list of any key facts you can obtain from this research and bring it in to use in next week's literacy lesson on Monday or Tuesday.



Parents, for information on useful spellings that are recommended for children in year 5, please see separate attachment to follow.




Cave Commotion. Children to complete this game on

Practise times tables and related division facts.




Children have been given an E-Safety policy to take home and read with their parents and carers.

This week, the children did a practise SATS paper in reading and have been given the test to take home.

We would like them to go through the test with you, looking at what areas they found difficult.



If your child has not completed a swimming questionnaire already, please go through this with them at home to bring back in next week.



The children will be completing a table on imperial and metric measurements.

They will need to write down who is measuring something and what they are measuring.


We will discuss the results in class.


Thank you.

Mrs Armstrong and Mrs McKeown


Children will be completing a play leader's application form so that they can become a play leader, working with younger children by leading activities. This will commence after half-term.



Please ensure your child reads every day for at least 20 minutes and  records this in their reading record.



Practise times tables up to 12. If your child is already confident with their tables, they can practise the related division facts e.g. 2 x 6 = 12 so 12 ÷ 6 = 2.




Following our visit to the Royal Festival Hall, the children will be writing a blog about their experience. They had the opportunity to watch the BBC Orchestra playing a range of classical music and they also participated with other schools using their bodies to create different sound effects.



The children will be completing short division calculations. There is a video from active learn which has been assigned to them in case they need some support.


Thank you.


Mrs Armstrong and Mrs McKeown



The children have a numeracy problem solving and reasoning paper to complete for their homework this week.

Please can you allow them to complete this as independently as possible.

If help is required can you please sign next to the questions you helped your child with.


Thank you

Mrs Armstrong and Mrs McKeown



Let's Get Creative!

We have been looking at The Princess Blankets in literacy. Your job is to create a blanket for the princess! Feel free to use a range of media in your design and consider why this would be a good blanket for her.



Assigned activity on 



Please read every evening and record this in your reading record. Try and read a range of texts including non-fiction.



We take time and put in lots of effort to write our own blogs and make them fantastic so why not add a comment to a classmate's blog?

You can also blog about the 10 Pieces Project you see tomorrow morning!

Remember to read every evening and record this in your reading record.



Children have been assigned a mathletics activity that links with what we have been learning this week - column addition.

Times tables practise every night


Maths - Mathletics - Measuring Angles, achieve a silver or gold certificate.

English - Write a blog about what you did over the Easter holidays.


Due in Thursday 23rd April.




Children must write a blog about their trip to the Bromley Museum this week. In particular, highlight what you enjoyed most and the things you learned whilst at the museum. You could include the activities you took part in - Victorian washing and drying using a mangle and peg doll making.



Assigned mathletics activity.


A gentle reminder that if there is a problem with your child's homework, we kindly ask for a written note from parents and carers.

Thank you


Miss Molloy and Mrs McKeown.



Children will complete an activity on prefixes. They need to decide whether to add 'un' or 'dis' as a prefix to change the meaning of the word. This is to be stuck into their homework books.



Rounding Decimals activity on Mathletics.

Times tables practise - children who are finding this difficult may like to use practical resources such as counters or cubes and to group  these in 2's, 5's and 10's etc.

As we have been focusing on decimals this week in numeracy, you may also like to challenge your child to count on from a given number using money i.e. 67p - Round this up to the nearest 10. How much more do I need to add to get to 100 or £1.00? Children can practise number bonds to 100 using money. For an extra challenge, you could give them a number with up to 2 decimal places e.g. £15.65 - What must I add to get to £16.00? £20.00? £100.00?

Thank you for your continued support.



Complete the activity 'Hailstone Hullabaloo' on the activelearnprimary website.

Achieve a certificate on Mathletics!



Add a comment to your teacher's blog about their favourite book. Tell your teacher about your favourite book. Answer these questions:

When did you first read the book?

Why is it your favourite book?

What is the story about?

Who are the main characters?

Where is your favourite place to read?





Children can write a blog about the trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum yesterday highlighting what they have learned and the things they enjoyed the most.




Can you get a silver certificate from mathletics?


Half Term Homework


There is no written homework set for the children this week however, we expect all children to work very hard on practising the following:


  • Times tables and related division facts e.g. 2 x 6 = 12 so 12 ÷ 2 = 6
  • Children must learn these facts in any given order and be able to recall them rapidly.
  • Reading every day for at least 15 minutes with an adult.


As we are going on a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum on Wednesday 25th February, your child can look around on the website:

We will be taking this trip to focus on our current topic - The Victorians and we will also be looking at Islamic art which is related to what we are studying in R.E.


We hope you have a fantastic half-term break :)

Miss Molloy and Mrs McKeown




Children to complete the contractions sheets in their homework books.

A contraction is two words made shorter by placing an apostrophe where letters have been omitted e.g. do not becomes don't. 



Robot Blaster - assigned to children on



Every night, for at least 10 - 15 minutes. If your child is reading to you, you could ask questions to check their understanding of the text and encourage them to make predictions about what might happen next, giving reasons for their thinking. Children will need to mark in their reading records every evening.




Children will be investigating the suffix 'ing'. When they look at the root word, e.g. jump, they must investigate whether they add 'ing' on its own or add another consonant and then 'ing'.


e.g. shop (root word) becomes shopping (+p ing)


Children should lay out their work carefully, in pen showing clearly how the rule works.



Children have an assigned activity - Clam Collector.



Children are expected to read for at least 10-15 minutes every night and record this in their reading record.


We are currently learning about The Victorians as our topic. Children will need to research one of Queen Victoria's residences and write what they have learned in their homework books. A reminder to children that this needs to be presented neatly, in pen.

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Balmoral Castle
  • Osbourne House
  • Windsor Castle



Lava Drama activity on  The children will be assigned this task and can look at a video to remind them how to use a protractor.



Just a reminder that children are expected to read every day after school for at least 15 minutes. They should be recording this in their reading record, which can be signed by them or a parent/ carer. Thank you for your support with this, it is a vital part of their home learning.


Children will be investigating given spelling rules related to suffixes (word endings) and will need to find words to fit those rules. They will be expected to investigate as many words as they can. 


1. If a word has a short vowel sound e.g. hop (short o sound), when changing this into past tense, they will need to double the consonant and add 'ed' e.g. hopped, gripped, travelled.


2. If a word has a long vowel sound e.g. hope (long o sound), when changing this into past tense, they will need to take off the 'e' and add 'ed' e.g. hoped, roped, changed, raced.


3. If a word ends with a consonant and there is another consonant before it e.g. jump, then they will need to add 'ed'.


4. There are some words that do not fit any of these rules. These are called irregular verbs which include run (ran), sit (sat), bring (brought). Children can collate a list of these as well.



Mathletics activity - Comparing angles. 




Children to write a character profile of Jim (from the book we are reading called Street Child).

They should  include physical characteristics, personality and a drawing of what he might wear/ look like. 



Mathletics - activity called Division Facts. (Allocated on website)

Christmas Homework

Complete some, or all of the attached activities in your scrapbooks.

We look forward to seeing them in the New Year!!



Keep up the practise by going onto BBC Bitesize KS2 page and having ago at the activities! Also see if you can get a Bronze or Silver Certificate over the next 2 weeks!




Get the Yeti activity on



Mrs Mckeown and Miss Molloy will start a blog on our website. Children must comment on what they will be doing for Christmas.



Mathletics website: Multiplying by 10, 100 and 1,000 using place value.

Practise x tables -  this is a huge focus for year 5 currently.




Adverbials activity - children will have stuck this into their books.

Children to use adverbs and adverbial phrases (more than one word) to write in sentences.


Maths - Reel it in.




Homophones activity. Can you write out the sentences and choose the correct homophone?


Note: A homophone is where words sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings.

For example:


I can hear you.

I'm over here!


Maths activity on Multiples - we have been learning about multiples this week.



What is a friend? Children can create a poster, poem or simple explanation text on what it means to be a friend in line with our week on Anti-bullying week. This is for a display in school.


Maths How many challenges can you complete? Aim for a bronze, silver or even gold badge!



Write complex sentences based on the image in your books.

Remember a complex sentence contains a main clause and a subordinate clause e.g.

After dinner, Jennifer decided to watch T.V. (beginning)

Jennifer decided to watch T.V. after dinner. (end)

Jennifer, after dinner, decided to watch T.V. (middle)



Complete the homework on subtraction - this was given out yesterday and stuck in homework books. If you need some help, please log on to the active learn primary website for a video.



Find at least 5 alternative words for: nice, loud, big, small, quiet.

Put them into sentences.




Mathletics - Perimeter of shape

Times tables up to x 12.



Playscript worksheet - Fill in the missing stage directions.



Marching Madness - activelearn primary website.

If there are problems we will let the children do this on a Wednesday lunchtime.


10 facts about Neil Armstrong (if not already done)







Prepositions worksheet - stuck in their homework books.

Reading daily - please listen to your child read and sign their reading records.



activelearnprimary website - Jungle jump

If you are having problems with your computer/laptop please let your child's teacher know, via their reading record or homework book, before the deadline date so we can get them to do the homework in school.



Learn song words provided for multi-cultural concert on Friday 10th October.




Maths Homework


Mathletics - Bar Graphs 2 activity

Practise times tables up to x 12.


English Homework


Adverbs worksheet - This has been stuck in their homework book.


Homework is due in Thursday 2nd October.




Practise your times tables up to 12.

Log in to your mathletics account:  and complete the Jump Add and Subtract activity. You will find this under Activities, Add and Subtract.




This week we have been learning about adjectives and adverbs in sentences.

Write at least 10 sentences and include an adverb and an adjective in each one.







Go to Abacus Maths and complete activity 'Cloud Clash'.




Research different types of collective nouns, e.g. A swarm of bees. Then put them into sentences, e.g. A swarm of bees rushed past me. Write at least ten different sentences.


Homework is due in Thursday 18th September.