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Homework will be set on a Friday and needs to be returned by the following Friday.

Dear Parents,

The website wouldn't let me attach the homework document to the page for some reason. I have written below what the homework is.

I hope this hasn't caused too much of an inconvenience. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Wimshurst


Homework Week Beginning 22/06/2015

Maths: Complete one of the following activities:

In the bath/kitchen sink/ paddling pool/bucket etc, pour water from different sized containers. How many little ones does it take to fill the largest one? Put the containers in order of capacity. Does the tallest/shortest container have the biggest/smallest capacity? (Use familiar objects like yoghurt pots, bowls, plastic bottles etc).

In shops, look at and discuss any products that are sold by capacity, eg. Paint, lemonade, soup, squash, milk. Estimate then calculate, how much liquid you drink each day.


We ask that your child writes a letter or makes something for their new class teacher. 


Remember Crystal Place Park trip on Monday. It is meant to be a hot day so please ensure your child brings a hat and suncream is applied to them before the trip.