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Southborough Primary School
Every Child a Star

Information about returning to school in March 2021


Some things we noticed in September that really improve how this works are:

  1. People keeping to the times and avoid waiting if at all possible please come within your time window and not before. If you come before the time you will have to wait, which causes queues. If you within the window then there will be no waiting and the children can go straight into school and you can go straight home. This is true at the start and end of the day. We need to avoid waiting, so keep to the timetable.
  2. Please make sure that you follow the one-way system: Enter via Southborough Lane and exit via Oxhawth Crescent. It would be really helpful if you reminded people of this also. I am sure that the very small number of people who have not followed the system have simply forgotten. I am sure no one would mind a gentle reminder from someone else, as we all want to get this right.
  3. Please make sure that you wait in the correct areas. Waiting would be minimised by arriving at the right time. The Year 3 and 4 children will be taken to the playground, so please wait for them there. Please do not wait at the school doors and do not block the exits or doors for others.
  4. We all need to make sure that we stick to social distancing at the start and end of every day. Please keep 2m away from anyone who is not in your household.
  5. Once you have dropped your child off, or have picked them up, please leave the school, through the Oxhawth Crescent gate, as soon as you can. Please do not stay on the school site for longer than you need to.


By getting this right we can have a very safe, calm and well-run start and end to the day.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What kind of shoes should children wear?


Children should wear trainers, every day, they can be any colour, this is because they will be using the field for play and lunchtime as much as possible and we may be taking the opportunity to do some running as part of the curriculum on many days.


How will we know which doors to use?


There will be a number of members of staff who will direct children and parents to the correct entrances and exits at the beginning and end of the day.

The children will also know the correct entrance to be used.

The children will be on the playground, or field at the end of the day to be collected, only year 1 and year r are to be collected form classrooms.


How long are the windows of time for each grouping?


The window for years 4, 5 and 6 is 15 minutes and so those with younger children can drop children off and older children will not be late.

The doors will be open for some time after the window closes to ensure those with siblings and those who are late can use the correct entrance, members of staff will be in the playground and around the school to direct people to the correct entrances.

Registers close for most classes at 9:05 am and for year 1 at 9:10 am.


Are there any changes to the school policy on face coverings for children in school?


The advice on wearing face coverings in Primary Schools has not changed.


The government are clear that the use of face coverings by children in primary schools can lead to a higher likelihood of the transfer of the virus.


On this basis we will not be changing our plan and children will not be allowed to wear face coverings in school.


Please remember face coverings do not protect the wearer but those around them. If they are not worn safely, and no child will be able to wear them safely throughout the school day, they become a hazard to others. 


A child in school wearing a mask will become a hazard to others and is more likely to transfer the virus.


They should be taken off, safely, before entering school and taken home. We will not be able to dispose of them in school.


Are the changes to the school timetable permanent?


The changes are not permanent. When the government advice that it is safe to do so we will revert back to our normal times. 



Timetable for drop off and pick up:




Start from



End from



Y2 door

Hall grassy area




Y6 door

Oxhawth crescent




Y5 door





Y3 door





Y1 door

Classroom door




Y4 door





EYFS area

Classroom door



 Please make sure that you follow the timetable, registers will close at 9:05 in years 6,5,4,3,2, and r and 9:10 in year 1.

It is essential that everyone on the school site ensures that the process of getting the children to school and leaving school proceeds in the a safe and calm way, to do this everyone must follow our simple rules to make sure that this happens.


  1. Only one adult should enter the school grounds to collect or drop off children. Do not bring anyone else with you onto the school grounds unless it essential for them to be there.
  2. Older children should be encouraged to come into school and leave school by themselves.
  3. Children must stay with their adult at all times once they have been picked up and before they have been dropped off.
  4. Younger children should be in a buggy or pram and, if this is not possible, they must stay with you at all times.
  5. You must wait in areas designated areas.
  6. Please do not block or stand near doors or gates.
  7. Once you have dropped your children or have picked them up, please leave the school grounds promptly.
  8. Social distance at all times.
  9. Please encourage all school site users to do the same.
  10. Follow our one-way system.
  11. Do not drive onto site.
  12. Keep to the assigned times, do not enter the school site before your assigned time.
  13. Pick up the children from their assigned spaces.
  14. Wait in the assigned areas with your children if you are picking up and dropping off siblings, your children must wait with you.
  15. If you have something to say to a teacher, please email the school via the admin email address, phone or send a note into school. We will not be able to spare time at the beginning and end of the day in the way that we would usually want to do.
  16. Make sure that your children know the procedures and support them in getting into school.