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Southborough Primary School
Every Child a Star

Learning Mentors

Learning Mentors

Learning Mentors 1 Gill Hawkins
Learning Mentors 2 Lorraine Malloy
Learning Mentors 3 Paulette Owusu

Making Our Own Lunch - 16.6.18

Golden Time - Easter Egg Cakes

Cooking - Friday Afternoon Golden Time

A parent very kindly teaching some children how to design and create buildings on `Sketchup' on the computer, and an introduction to `Lego Creator'.

We sometimes organise team building sessions, especially when new children join a class. Here are some photos of a Year 6 team building afternoon with one of our School Counsellors - Suzanne Loggi.

Anti-Bullying Week - Workshops, Special Assemblies, Lunchtime Activities, Wristbands, Cake Sale, Positive Ribbons, Performance of Anti-Bullying Song in Playground...

Visit from Blob Tree Author - Ian Long

Anti-Bullying Logo Competition - Winners

Anti-Bullying Logo Competition - Winners 1
Anti-Bullying Logo Competition - Winners 2
Anti-Bullying Logo Competition - Winners 3
Anti-Bullying Logo Competition - Winners 4
Anti-Bullying Logo Competition - Winners 5
Anti-Bullying Logo Competition - Winners 6


What do we do?


We love working in a school with such amazing children, who feel happy most of the time. However, there are times when we all need a little help or extra support....

We can help you with your Bully Box problems

We can help you resolve your friendship problems

We run a lunch club if you need to come in at lunchtime

We can help you in the classroom

Our room is a safe and calm place

Where can you find us?

In the Learning Mentors’ Room, in the playground or in the lunch club.

Friendship Video

Still image for this video

Information Stand at Parents Evening 24/26th November 2015

Information Stand at Parents Evening 24/26th November 2015 1
Information Stand at Parents Evening 24/26th November 2015 2
Information Stand at Parents Evening 24/26th November 2015 3

Anti-Bullying Week - Workshop and Lunchtime Activities - November 2015

Burgess Autistic Trust Coffee Morning with Parents - October 2015