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At Southborough we strive to ensure that every child, by the time they finish primary school, can write in a manner which is clear, grammatically correct and engaging. As writing is a key life skill, we promote daily writing opportunities so that children can successfully write for a range of audiences and purposes.

The children’s enjoyment of writing will shine in their bold vocabulary choices, careful presentation and clear understanding of what they are writing about. Additionally, they will use grammatical terminology to discuss and learn from the works of notable authors and to explain their own writing choices. Their resulting skills, knowledge and passion for writing will lead to success in further education, employment and personal life endeavours.    

How we teach Writing

At Southborough, children are immersed in a subject for a half term. They study a quality book about their theme and take a related trip which allows them to develop the knowledge to write with confidence and authority. In Reception, the children engage in independent writing activities through child initiated play, as this encourages imagination and independence. The children are immersed in experiences which contribute to their exposure and use of vocabulary.

Children will encounter the same grammar skills across the school to ensure they have mastered the concepts thoroughly and are introduced to increasingly complex grammar concepts as they progress each year.  In classrooms, word banks or displays guide children towards suitable and striking vocabulary choices while paragraph plans often help children to structure their work logically.

Children are introduced to editing skills as they write a piece of writing in draft first, before editing and publishing their learning. 

Children’s personal writing targets are always accessible to them so they know their next steps towards riveting writing.