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Below you will find a link which will direct you to the Phonics information area on our Southborough website

Phonics Screening Check Information Meeting 2023

Questions asked during our parent workshop:

How do the children spell? Do they use the letter name or the graphemes?

During the Phonics Screening Check, the children are not required to spell. However, when the children are spelling when writing, they are encouraged to segment using the phonemes they can hear, and spell using the letter names.


Where is the link on the website to the phonics section?

You will find more information on the Phonics area of the website:


Are we able to access the list of 40 words before my child sits the phonics screening check?

No, we are not able to access the list of words before the phonics screening check. Staff are only able to access the screening check on Monday 12th June 2023.


The Government website have the phonics screening checks from previous years. In your experience do they pick words from previous years, or are they completely new?

The phonics screening check will have completely new words this year. In our experience we have not come across a word which has previously been used.