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Today in our PSED lesson we are going to read The Huge Bag of Worries by Virgina Ironside. In this book Jenny has bag of worries following her everywhere until one day she decides to do something about it.


Sometimes it is difficult to talk about our worries and this can make us angry and frustrated.  We are all living in difficult times at the moment and it might not always be apparent why we are behaving in a certain way.  All behaviour is some kind of communication.


If you are feeling worried, angry or sad why not have a go at this activity and see if it makes you feel better?


Choose a bag template from below.  Inside the bag draw the things that are making you feel upset or worried.  It could be food you don't like, programmes you don't like watching, memories that make you sad or people that you are missing.  When your bag is full decide what to do with it.  You could throw it in the bin, screw it up in a ball or put it somewhere safe to have a look at it every now and then.