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Remote Learning



Hello Year 1,


It is sad that we cannot return to school at the moment, but we will continue our learning virtually for the next couple of weeks. 


Each week we will upload a grid with english tasks, maths tasks and topic tasks. These will be the activities that you will be completing for the week. We will also include any relevant resources you may need. The activities go from left to right on the grid and will need to be completed in order. We suggest completing one literacy, maths and topic task a day.

Each day there will be a short live lesson. This will be linked to the activities on the grid. The focus for this weeks live lessons will be Maths. We appreciate that you might not be able to attend each zoom lesson, however please see the grid that needs to be completed for that day. Friday morning's Zoom will be a PSHE focused one with your class teacher. There will not be a zoom on Friday afternoons.

Phonics videos will be uploaded to Tapestry daily for you to watch at any point in the day. We will add additional videos to Tapestry where there is a need for it. 


If you have an issues logging on to Tapestry, please email the Cowslip and Daisy email addresses. We will get this sorted as quickly as possible for you. 


Once you have completed a task, we would love to see what you have completed. Please upload it to Tapestry and we will comment and reply as quickly as we can. 


If the weather allows, try to get out for some exercise daily. We will add a range of videos on this page that you can access. These will consist of PE with Joe to Cosmic Yoga. A little bit of exercise a day will help us with our learning. :o)


We know that remote learning can be a really tricky time! Trying to concentrate at home with so many distractions and no friends working alongside you can be tough. We are all in this together! 

Parents - Suddenly turning into teachers can be really difficult. Please do email us if you need any support or advice. We are all in this together!


We look forward to seeing what you get up to and seeing you soon when it is safe to do so. 


The Year 1 Team