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Friendship messages

Hi everyone!


Here are some messages from your friends in Year 2, so you can cheer each other up during lockdown.


If you want to send a message or a picture to go on this page, please check with your parents first and email a photo to Ms Quinn or Mrs Lawrence (please make sure the photo does not include you).

Here’s a message from Julian in 2TJ. He learnt how to draw this amazing crocodile by watching Draw with Rob on YouTube:




Here is a cheerful rainbow and message from Jess in 2TJ. She can't wait to see you all!

Here is a lovely message from William in 2TJ. He misses you all and will be seven soon!

Poppy-Beau (2TJ) says hello to everyone with this colourful message and asks you to stay safe:

Leo in 2TJ has drawn Mr Happy on his message and asks how you all are.


Tallulah (2S) has written about some of the fun things she has been doing and has sent a really funny joke to cheer you all up!

Here's a fantastically colourful reptile from Luca in 2TJ:

Here is an Indian giant squirrel from Nina (2S). She has been learning all about mammals and is missing you all:


Leyla (2TJ) has sent this picture of the playground with her friends all playing together

Musa (2TJ) has drawn this picture of school for you and written a message in his best handwriting. He can't wait to be with his friends again.




Tom (2TJ) is missing everyone very much and tells us all that he has been doing during lockdown.



Jessica (2TJ) has drawn this super miss-you cake for her class:

Kian, (2TJ) has written a letter to everyone in Year 2 and taken a photo of his Lego model:

Sofia in 2S has drawn these 'cute things' pictures for her friends. She hope you are all well.

Leo (2S) has written a message and made a model dinosaur for you all.

Evie in 2S has written this lovely letter to her class, telling everyone about the things she has been doing during lockdown:

Dolcie (2TJ) has drawn a cupcake picture and reminds you all to stay safe:

Thomas in 2S has drawn this fantastic red fox picture to cheer you all up.

Ava in 2S enjoyed reading all your messages and has sent one herself, together with a brilliant dolphin drawing.

Joseph in 2S had drawn a rainforest picture with his message. He misses you all and will soon be seven!

Madhav (2S) has written a message and drawn a terrific picture of his friends. He really misses playtimes:

Ideal (2S) has made this wonderful hedgehog for his friends and say that he is missing you all.

Lauren (2TJ) has sent in a birthday photo and a cheery rainbow message saying that she misses you all. 

Jack in 2S has written a friendship smoothie recipe for his class:


Dan (2S) has made a model and drawn a picture of himself. He is missing everyone in Year 2.

Martinique (2TJ) has made a hotel for her friends out of dominoes, blocks, ladybugs and lego flowers:

Molly in 2S has drawn this colourful friendship message for her Year 2 friends: