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Galaxy and our food waste to Christmas tree farm

After talking to the staff and children at Galaxy we found that we are very lucky to be able to have and eat a good amount of different varieties of food and vegetables throughout the week both in Galaxy and as a snack in the classrooms.

We also found that this also at times caused a lot of waste if any was over ripe or left over!....So after lots of discussion one of our staff members mentioned she lived very close to Christmas tree farm and that due to very high prices of food the animals may not be getting as much fruit and vegetables as they should be so why not donate our leftover fruit and veg to the animals.

This we all thought was a great idea and Mr Foley thought so too so in 2022 we started donating all our left overs to the animals. 

Again our very kind staff member Lorraine offered to take the donations every week and the friendly staff at the farm were very happy to receive the children's and clubs donations.

Keep a look out for photo's to come of Lorraine visiting the farm to feed the animals and even some of our Galaxy children's visits with their families to the farm.