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Our history curriculum aims to provide a rich foundation of knowledge and skills that will empower our students to navigate the complexities of the world around them and understand their place within it. We encourage our students to think like historians by developing their enquiry skills through asking thoughtful questions about the past and constructing reasoned arguments.

We believe that understanding our own history is fundamental to developing a strong sense of identity and belonging. Through the study of local history, British history, and the wider world, we aim to enable our pupils to connect with their heritage, appreciate cultural diversity, and develop a sense of pride in their community and nation.

Through teaching history as part of the Harmony Project, children become equipped to adapt to the ever-changing world and build resilience moving forward. They will have deeper understanding about the past and the present being interdependent and know that we are all making history every day. Through engaging learning experiences, including visits to historical sites, workshops with experts, and interactive sessions, we seek to captivate the imaginations of our students and ignite their passion for history.