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Southborough Primary School, Southborough Lane, Bromley, Kent BR2 8AA

Telephone: 020 8467 2343   Charity Number: 297867

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Friends of Southborough

Did you know that  now your child is at Southborough Primary School you automatically become a member of Friends of Southborough (FoS)?  FoS is important to the school. It is set up as a charity so that all monies raised are tax-free for the school to use. It is a very important asset for the school  and we are currently looking for new recruits.

How about volunteering to join the Committee and helping to raise extra funds for the school? As well as raising money, which is always needed, we try to make the events fun and varied for the children and their families. It adds to the community feel of the school if everyone can get involved and it's a great way to meet other families.

There are currently about a dozen active members on the Committee and lots of volunteers prepared to give up time to help at events.

Joining the Committee is a fantastic way to meet new people and become more involved with the school. Generally the Committee meets every 4-6 weeks but again that depends on forthcoming events and what needs to be talked about.

For more information email  or ask the school office to introduce you to a Committee member.