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Reading for Pleasure

Every child at Southborough will have...

Reading communities:

  • The opportunity to visit the local library.
  • Participation in local reading competitions including the summer reading challenge.
  • Visits to the school library.
  • Scholastic book fair.
  • Access to their teachers reading stories on the school website.
  • Participation in World Book Week dress up and enrichment events.
  • Reading assemblies.

Reading environments and choice:

  • An engaging, clearly labelled, tidy book corner with a range of classic and new, high-quality fiction and non-fiction texts.
  • Newspapers made available and regularly changed so that children can keep up to date with current affairs.
  • Advice on how to choose a book that they will like and exposure to new authors and genres.  
  • Time every week to choose a book and read for pleasure.
  • Dedicated time each day where an adult will read to them.
  • Time each week to read to an adult and other children in the classroom.
  • Daily opportunities to engage in quality book talk.

Author visits/ Workshops:

  • Author/ storyteller visits- every child will access at least one author event per year.

Teacher Commitment:

  • Enthusiastic teachers with good knowledge of children’s books and enjoy participating in book talk.
  • Teachers who are motivated and participate wholeheartedly in reading enrichment activities such as World Book Day.
  • Teachers who model the love of reading!