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Galaxy - Before and After School Club

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Attention childminders and childcare adults 


Galaxy is looking for local fully DSB registered childminders that we can work with on a regular basis providing long term and temporary childcare to our parents whom are on our waiting lists or parents looking for care. If this is you please provide your name and credentials to the email below to be added to a list once approved we are obtaining to pass onto parents to contact in regards of childcare until space becomes available at the club.


                             March 2024 update



Galaxy is currently full with no spaces available. We are working through our current waiting lists so if you do

complete a request form and send in please do so but be aware it may not be addressed until our current waiting list has been resolved.

we are a very busy working club and are unable to give a time frame of when a space may become available. 

Manager will not be in touch until a space becomes available and any abuse to staff or manager regarding spaces, will not be tolerated and will result in loss of any future care from the club.


Galaxy does not provide Ad-hoc/one off care for unregistered children due to the clubs high demand, waiting lists and we must follow legal requirements before care can be provided.