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Please check by clicking the relevant term to see what topic homework we would like you to complete each week.


Reading - books will be available on Daisy Class will have a new book added every Wednesday, and Cowslip Class will have a new book added every Friday.


Maths - Please check 'Doodle Maths' for weekly Maths home learning, linked to the learning of the week.https://


Spelling - Spelling Shed words will be updated weekly. The words will go live on a Friday and expire the following Thursday at midnight. 

Spelling Shed



All children in Year 1 have their own spelling shed account where they can practise spellings in a fun way with lots of games and activities. Here is the website:  You may find that your child can write some of the words, it is important that they can do this independently and from memory.  As the weeks progress we will be adding additional words to the lists. 


Spelling Shed is a simple, fun web-game that is playable through any internet browser on phones, tablets or computers. Each week, pupils will be assigned a spelling rule that they have been focussing on in class, pupils can also select ‘More Lists’ if they would like to revisit past assignments.


To ensure your child is given a level of challenge appropriate to them, they can choose from four levels of difficulty. The game is also designed to be dyslexic-friendly.

• Easy – The word is shown, an audio clip is played and only the included letters are shown.

• Medium – An audio clip is played and only the included letters are shown.

• Hard – An audio clip is played and the included letters, plus some random letters are shown.

• Extreme – An audio clip is played and a full qwerty keyboard is shown. Letters must be correctly accented and capitalised.


All users have an avatar that can be personalised by using honeypots. Honeypots are earned by spelling words correctly. Pupils can also keep track of how Southborough Primary School’s score ranks against other schools in the country, as well as how their total lines up with other pupils in our school.