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Y4 Home Learning

Campion Home Learning : 9th October 2020

Please visit purple mash for your grammar activity.  

Also on purple mash there is an activity to design the front cover of a book. 

Maths activity is on Active Learn.  Diamond Demolition - a chance to practise addition and subtraction.  

You can also practise your learning on spelling shed, times table rockstars and mathletics. 

Oxlip Class:    Maths on active learn: 14.10.20


Diamond demolition  4.5 

  • Add and subtract near multiples of 10 to and from 2-digit numbers

  • Subtract 2-digit from 2-digit numbers by counting up

I have allocated some place value work to some of you, so if your work is different from what's above, no worries!



 Purple Mash, literacy work Word Hop. Standard English forms of verb inflection. Was/were etc. 

There is also a blank postcard template to let us know how half term was. 

I have added a design a book cover activity and some times tables activities on Purple Mash. 


As Mrs Sides mentions above, please use the other online resources too!


Thank you for the shoe boxes!.