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Y4 Home Learning

Literacy home-learning, 30.10.19


We are working on learning the statutory Year 4 spellings this half term. We will add more words each week.

There are two groups of spellings, either group 1 or group 2. Your child's teacher will tell them which list to work on.  Using the look, cover,  write check  system works well to help children learn them. We will also be testing them in school. 

Spelling Lists 15/11/19

Maths Home Learning 15/11/19

This week we have been estimating the mass of objects (how heavy they are).  Please encourage your child to do this at home with kitchen cupboard ingredients or at the supermarket.  Pick up a piece of fruit or vegetable, can they guess how many grams/kilograms it is.  Weigh it to check.  It is very important they hold the object and estimate first.  Using scales is an important life skill too.   Many thanks.  

Times table challenge. Can you improve your times?

Week 4 Spellings

Literacy homework: 20.11.19 next spelling list 

Maths homework 20.11.19 Marching Madness 4.8

Quickly match a measure written in litres or kilograms with its equivalent measure written in millilitres or grams, and vice versa (up to 3 kg/litres).