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Year 6 - Bluebell and Primrose

Hello Year 6 and parents. Hope all is going well.


The one thing I have learnt about home schooling my own children is that each family has to do it their own way. Some of you are trying to work from home, be a parent and be a teacher all at once. Not easy. Some require lots of work for their children to keep them occupied, others probably already feel there is too much to do. Please do not feel under pressure to complete all that is set. Do what you can and what fits into your life.


We, as teachers, are learning alongside you how much work to set and what is manageable. I believe though that the priority for Year 6 at the moment is mental health and wellbeing, staying in touch with friends and family and doing what they can to keep their brains ticking over until we meet again.  The blessing for Year 6 is that the bulk of the year's learning had been covered and they will not be behind when starting Secondary school.


However, I am realising with my own children that they are liking having something to get on with for school each day. With that in mind Mrs McKeown, Mrs Holden and I have decided to set some optional tasks to supplement the children's learning that will appear each day this week and the first week of the Easter holidays on Purple Mash. There will be a mixture of maths activities, Literacy activities, a bit of topic or Science or some spelling. We appreciate alot of you will be working from home or doing other things as a family, but if you need these tasks over Easter the resources will be there for your children on Purple Mash.


Don't forget you also have the Charles Darwin work to get on with as well (see last post) as well as bug club, active learn, times table rockstars and mathletics.


For the second week of the Easter holidays we are not setting new work on Purple Mash. You can continue with the other set tasks. If you do need something to do however,  it would be lovely if you could write a letter to one of your classmates. If you are not housebound, take a walk to post it for your allowed one daily outdoor exercise and surprise a friend with a letter. It is always so special to receive a letter from a friend. If you are isolated and cannot post a letter, send an email or two to a friend. Keep the friendships going and stay in touch. Also check out  at 11am each day, David Walliam's elevensies. These are parts of his stories read to you. His website also has other great things on. Carol Vordaman is also doing some maths you can access for free on line. At 9am you could also join Joe Wicks for his (challenging) daily workout to help you stay in shape.


It would also be great to do some cooking if your parents are not working over Easter. If you have a good recipe type it up or write it out. Add photos or pictures to the instructions. Perhaps we could create a little cookbook of recipes when we return to school if you bring these in when we come back together?


We are all missing you and thinking of you every day. 


Keep up the hard work and also make time to relax and enjoy music, art, sports and playing family board games where you can.


Best wishes,


Mrs Haka, Mrs Holden and Mrs McKeown.


 Science/Literacy Home Learning


Hope you are all doing OK. Miss you all already.


Science Year 6 were studying was about Charles Darwin and evolution and adaptation over time.


As some of you have asked for some Science, and also seeing as the Easter Holidays may need a little project or something to keep you busy, some Science will be appearing in Purple Mash this week which you can do and submit before 12th April. The best thing about Purple Mash is that we can see your work from home online and can comment on it too.


Optional task 1: Find out about Charles Darwin and produce either a biography or a profile on him. Templates for these are both on your 2dos on Purple Mash. You do not need to use both templates. One template is like pages from a little book and the other is for a profile. We have done biographies in class last term so you should know what to include: birth and childhood, family  education, what they achieved or are famous for, what they do now or how they are remembered.


Optional task 2: write a leaflet advertising Downe House. There is a website about the place and also some info online about it.  In class we were planning to teach you about leaflets in Literacy. You can build on the persuasive language we have worked on in letters to William's mother from Mr Tom and the arguments we wrote to debate if William should return to London. Also have a look at some adverts for places to visit on line to get some ideas of the style. Again there are 2 templates you can use for this. Choose your favourite. One is a 6-frame story board and the other is a more traditional leaflet. Both will be set in your 2dos on Purple Mash.


Most importantly, just work for a few hours a day.  Allow time for reading, drawing, exercise and art or music. Keeping relaxed in these hard times is important for your health. You have plenty of time ahead if you to complete these tasks.


We will set some more work for those who want it after 12th April. Put as much into the projects as you want and can fit in.


Year 6 Team

Spelling List for Year 6 - all to be learnt by May 2020

 Welcome to the Spring Term.


We are pleased to be using homework diaries this year to prepare children for Secondary School.  Children can be independent and control their own organisational skills rather than having to check online.  We are also trying to reduce the amount of homework to be done on the computer by sending homework out on sheet each Friday this term - this is based around grammar.


We are in the process of putting photos together for the Year 6 leavers book - we look forward to sharing this with you at the end of the year.


We hope you are finding the topic webs and knowledge organisers you were emailed at the start of term useful.  The children are really enjoying the topic of Lady of Shallott.


The Year 6 Team



Chislehurst Caves Mugshots!

Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 1
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 2
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 3
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 4
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 5
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 6
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 7
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 8
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 9
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 10
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 11
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 12
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 13
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 14
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 15
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 16
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 17
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 18
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 19
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 20
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 21
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 22
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 23
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 24
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 25
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 26
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 27
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 28
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 29
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 30
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 31
Chislehurst Caves Mugshots! 32

Jam Making!

Jam Making! 1
Jam Making! 2
Jam Making! 3
Jam Making! 4
Jam Making! 5
Jam Making! 6
Jam Making! 7
Jam Making! 8
Jam Making! 9
Jam Making! 10
Jam Making! 11
Jam Making! 12
Jam Making! 13
Jam Making! 14
Jam Making! 15
Jam Making! 16
Jam Making! 17