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Year 6 - Bluebell and Primrose

Wangari's Trees of Peace


In our first two weeks back at school we have been working on "Wangari's Trees of Peace".  We reflected on what we are thankful for in the world and wrote our thoughts on decorated leaves as well as writing Acrostic Poems based on the text.  We also did lots of work inspired by the story and the illustrations: we build huts and cooked sweet potatoes in Forest School, made papier mache birds, painted straw roofs for huts, designed Kenya inspired prints for our t-shirts, tried African drumming and learnt the Jerusalema dance.


Below are some photos we have taken during there two weeks.  


Primrose class also made some woven baskets as the kits were an end of term gift (instead of the usual Easter Eggs) from Mrs Haka.

Welcome back Year 6.


We are so proud of all of you for coping so well with your Home Learning.


It is great to have you back.


Year 6 Team.

WW2 Underground Shelters

Can you imagine what it was like in the London Underground during the air raids of WW2, otherwise known as the Blitz?

This was part of our WW2 project combining Art, Literacy, Topic and Computing. 

We followed in the footsteps of artist Henry Moore who studied people sheltering in the underground. We were inspired by the mood and atmosphere he created in his drawings and prints. We also learnt about the one point perspective and tried to recreate it in our prints. 

The process we used is a type of relief printing using a polystyrene sheet and paint.  Our preparation included searching various shelters, learning the one point perspective technique and creating sketches in our sketch books.  We have then drawn on the polystyrene sheets and printed the images onto paper.  We also created a positive and a negative image of the WW2 shelter.

WW2 Shelters Bluebell Printmaking

Primrose - Bomb Shelter in the Tube Prints.

Primrose's amazing display of Propaganda posters that we have designed... and some featuring us!

WW2 costumes. The children loved dressing in costumes and experiencing an air raid. Also staging photos for the Dig for Victory campaign.

Pictures from World War 2 Events - tasting the jam and making Anderson Shelters! 06.10.2020