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School Uniform Consultation


Thank you to everyone who contributed to our consultation about changes to our school uniform.


The consultation closed on the 24th September.


There were 11 responses.


Of the 11 responses al were positive about the change to wearing PE kit on PE days.


There were 2 responses that disagreed with the change to trainers, saying that their children preferred school shoes and one response saying that shoes would last longer and were smarter, and more in keeping with the uniform.


There were 3 responses saying that we should have only black trainers and one comment saying that we could also accept grey trainers as an alternative, so that there was more choice for the children.


Other comments were:


If we would consider that children could wear plimsolls as well as trainers.

That we could be thoughtful about how we implement this for year 6 children so that we are not expecting year 6 parents to purchase new items for two terms.

That we should amplify the message about non branded clothing.

That we need to make sure that children will understand the need to dress smartly for secondary school and that the expectations of secondary schools might be different.




Although there was a small number off responses we can say that the proposals are broadly supported.

The new policy will be as attached, stating that children should wear black trainers.

We will make it clear to parents that we will have a period of time to adjust to the changes, over the second half of the Autumn Term, and for Year 6 we will be understanding about this as mentioned in the comments.

We will make the changes in a consensual and incremental way and we will remind everyone about non branded clothing and the reason for this in class so that the children understand why this is and comply because of this.

I have attached our new uniform policy, that will come into effect in January 2022. Before the we will expect children to follow the policy but we will give you time to get black trainers and non-branded coloured t shirts for PE and so on. We understand that children in Year 6 may not be able to fully comply with the policy in the Spring and Summer term, as discussed in the consultation, and will be sensitive about this.

One key message is the need to avoid football team tops being worn for games, we will expect children to wear either the school house coloured t shirt or a non-branded coloured alternative and another is the need for trainers to be mostly black, with small logos and not highly decorated. We understand that these two things will take time to be in place and will be consensual and understanding. It is important for the children to know and understand our expectations and for you to support us in this.

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