• Southborough Lane,
  • Bromley, BR2 8AA.
  • 020 8467 2343
Southborough Primary School
Every Child a Star

Visions and Values


  • At Southborough Primary we are committed to providing a nurturing environment which enables everyone to flourish.

  • We work as a team to encourage everyone to achieve to the highest standard, to develop a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning.

  • We celebrate the potential of every child, and work together to help our pupils build the skills and resilience they need to be happy and successful.



 We Value:

 We want our children to:

 We will:

  • working together
  • our children
  • our community
  • parents
  • our staff
  • our differences
  • independence and determination



  • have a sense of achievement
  • believe in their own potential
  • value and respect each other
  • develop resilience
  • be inspired
  • learn life skills


  • provide academic excellence
  • treat every child as an individual
  • recognise and celebrate success
  • provide a safe nurturing environment for all children


Problem-solving teaching.        Problem-solving children.            Problem-solving learning.