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Termly Learning Conferences

Termly Learning Conferences


As part of our ongoing programme to improve outcomes for the children and to develop the home school partnership we have changed how we do parents evening.


A Termly Learning Conference is a conversation between the children and the parents, facilitated by the teacher. The child shares their work with the parents, their achievements, the work that they are proud of, the work that shows that they have overcome difficulties and their next steps in their learning. Before the meeting the teacher will prepare the child to ensure that the conversation shows what they have been doing and the progress that they have made. Evidence shows that the more children are involved in their own learning the better that they get. We believe that this process will enable the children to take control of their own learning and to do better because of this.


There is a link to a leaflet to give you more information about the process and the purpose of Termly Learning Conferences.


Here is a link to a video;


We have been developing and improving the understanding we have of the children and their attainment and progress. The introduction of the Termly Learning Conferences is a part of these improvements. We will be improving the way we report to you about where the children are, how much progress they are making and their next steps in their learning. This will include more regular updates and the involvement of the children in understanding and reporting on their learning journey.


We will keep you informed of these developments and value your thoughts and ideas.


There is a link to a separate letter explaining this and a leaflet showing you how to book your appointments.